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  Molding Knives Direct

Molding Knives Direct has several advantages that together no other knife supplier can offer. Whether you are a large full time molding shop or a serious woodworking hobbyist we can furnish you the lowest knife prices, quickest turn around and highest quality cutters on the net with an unconditional 30-day guarantee. We have been doing this since 1978 and in this time have produced over 200,000 knives as an OEM supplier and now we would like to do this for you at OEM prices. Here are just some of the ways we are able to do this.

We were the FIRST (September 2000) company to ever use abrasive waterjet to cut knives. We own 2 Omax machines, built in the USA, and Omax is known to be the most precise waterjets in the world.

We buy Top quality high speed steel in large quantities (last year over 1000 bars!) and sign multi year contracts to get the best possible prices which we pass on to our customers. We even cut our own holes in William & Hussey steel after heat treating for guaranteed fit. Because of the way we produce cutters we do not have to carry inventories of multiple sizes of steel. This saves money and creates an ability to stock plenty of steel for quick delivery.

When cutting with an abrasive waterjet over spray, called mash, can dull the edge. This is addressed by having our steel produced .006 thicker and then we surface knives to a razor sharpness using a precession MVM shear grinder that puts a glass finish on the cutting edge.

We have 2 Weinig grinders with CBN stones for grinding profiles that require additional grinding.

For Belsaw/Woodmaster type molders that require balancing all our steel gibs are machined on CNC vertical milling machines and the aluminum gibs are extruded in the USA.

If you need a template we can cut them from steel or plastic using the CNC Technology template machine.

With a combined 25 years of CAD experience building woodworking cutters along with a life long commitment to quality and value Molding Knives Direct is here to help you attain the best molding at the lowest cutter price in the USA.

Our simple prices:

  • Woodmaster, Belsaw, RBI, Jet, Powermatic $15.00 per knife inch this includes all
    balancing hardware.
  • William & Hussey and Shop Fox $12.50 per knife inch
  • Corrugated knives $12.50 per knife inch (finished) or $8.00 per knife inched “hogged” and ready to be finished on your grinder.
  • Custom DXF, required for non standard knives, $14.00 per pattern (one time cost)
  • Plastic Templates cost an additional $6.00 Shipping & handling UPS ground (regardless of where or weight) $10.95

And remember all our products come with a 30-day unconditional guarantee!